Finest Cleaning Solutions: Geelong, Melbourne & Victoria

Commercial & Domestic High Pressure Cleaning Services 

Finest Cleaning Solutions Geelong is an environmentally friendly company that provides a high quality service in cleaning both indoors and outdoors. We aim to reduce the water usage and can capture up to 95% of our cleaning water. We don’t use unpleasant chemicals, reducing the impact on the environment and nothing goes down the drain. We specialize in hard surface cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly High Pressure Cleaning

We are an EPA compliant high pressure cleaning service using the latest Scandinavian ‘clean and capture’ technology meaning that our high pressure cleaners are fully EPA compliant. We do not waste earth’s most precious resource and we do not pollute it.

Finest Cleaning Solutions cover all areas of Geelong, Melbourne and greater Victoria.

Our team is professional and experienced in operating our first class equipment. We ensure that all staff have the appropriate safety certificates and we pride ourselves on the safety measures we have on site.

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Water Capture & Recycling

Our high pressure equipment captures and retains all dirt and debris removed from the cleaning surface. The dirt is separated and held for safe disposal off-site and up the water can be recycled.

Graffiti Removal

We specialize in cleaning solutions and can remove almost any stains including oil stains, food stains and graffiti.